Flavilicious Cooking Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana Bites Recipes

As I promised the other day I’m posting another mouth watering recipe from Flavia Del Monte’s Flavilicious Cooking. Her brand new cookbook won’t be released officially until Saturday, Oct 25th, but you’re basically get a sneak peak in a way. The other recipes were from different parts of her book and this one is from […]

Flavilicious Cooking Recipe – Fennel Roasted Chicken & Carrots

Flavia Del Monte’s Flavilicious Cooking is being released this Saturday, Oct 25th and I honestly thing this may be one of the best digital products released in the nutrition, fitness market in years. I’ve been currently reviewing the course and so far I’ve been blowed away at how professional her cookbook looks! (The recipe directly from […]

Flavilicious Cooking Recipe – Gluten Free Oat Cakes

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE eating great tasting food and it’s even better when that food is healthy for you, allergy, soy, gluten, sugar and wheat free! That’s what Flavia Del Monte’s Flavilicious Cooking is all about! Fabulous recipes which you don’t have to feel guily about. I figured I would take a […]

Eat More To Lose More With Flavilicious Cooking

Everyday Flavia Del Monte’s brand new cookbook/cooking system, Flavilicious Cooking is getting closer to release. It’s going to be interesting to see how well this product does for her. In the past all of Flavia’s products have been either fitness or workout based and now she is releasing a cookbook. I honestly think it’s a great […]

Flavilicious Cooking From Flavia Del Monte Is Coming Soon

In just a few weeks female fitness expert Flavia Del Monte is going to be releasing her brand new cookbook, Flavilicious Cooking to the world! Flavia Del Monte is a well known fitness personality and author of the best selling female fitness programs, Full Body Licious & Curvalicious. Both of these workout programs we’re well received, […]