Eat More To Lose More With Flavilicious Cooking

Everyday Flavia Del Monte’s brand new cookbook/cooking system, Flavilicious Cooking is getting closer to release. It’s going to be interesting to see how well this product does for her. In the past all of Flavia’s products have been either fitness or workout based and now she is releasing a cookbook.

I honestly think it’s a great idea and makes a lot of sense. Part of being healthy and losing weight means eating the right foods and I think that is the part where most people mess up. People put all this work into getting into shape, but then end up right back where they started because they just didn’t know how to maintain proper eating habits.

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Eat More And Lose More With Flavilicious Cooking

I guess people think being in shape and getting fit means dieting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth and that’s what Flavia Del Monte is trying to show people with her new Flavilicious Cooking program.

Flavilicious Cooking follows Flavia’s custom 3 Step Skinny Solution which is pretty simple in my opinion. You should only eat when you”re hungry, eat until your full and most important in my opinion, eat REAL food! You don’t need to diet or eat horrible tasting foods.

When done right you can actually eat more to lose more and you won’t have to count calories with Flavilicious Cooking. All the food is delicious and will leave you full. It’s completely possible to lose weight and get healthy by eating more. The key is knowing the correct foods and just some proper knowledge.

Flavilicious Cooking

Now some people have asked me if Flavilicious Cooking is going to be geared toward men and women and to be honest I don’t have a clue at this point. Flavia has usually created workout and fitness programs for women and the name of this cookbook/cooking system seems like it could cater to women, but at this time it’s still not known.

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Obviously the moment I find out I’ll make sure to update you because food does have a different impact on men and women. Our bodies aren’t the same obviously which means the way food impacts them isn’t either.

Another question people have asked me is if the program will have videos and I don’t know yet either. Flavilicious Cooking is still being worked on by Flavia so a lot of details are up in the air at the moment. Once again, I promise I’ll inform you everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision regarding Flavia Del Monte’s new cookbook/cooking system.

It comes out on Oct 28th so please bookmark this website and check back daily for updated news and information. I’ll also be working on a detailed review of her cookbook as wel.