Flavia Del Monte’s Flavilicious Cooking Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

Flavia Del Monte and her Flavilicious Cooking recipes are back again! Tonight I’m going to share her delicious recipe for one of my favorite dishes, Cauliflower Pizza! I remember the first time a friend of mine told me about making a pizza using Cauliflower and I thought he was nuts!

It wasn’t until I tried it that I was shocked and blowed away by how good it is. My friend made some pretty good pizza, but it doesn’t come close to Flavia’s recipe. It just so easy to make and it’s hard to believe that I don’t have to feel guilty about reaching for extra slices.  Once again, this is just another recipe from Flavia’s brand new cookbook, Flavilicious Cooking. In this cookbook you’ll find 150 healthy, delicious, fat burning recipes along with cooking tips and much more. So enough with all this chit chat! I’m sure you want the recipe right?

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Keep in mind that Flavia’s 370 page cookbook has a lot more and even better recipes then this one! So make sure to give Flavilicious Cooking a try because it’s risk free for 60 days:

Flavilicious Cooking

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