Flavia Del Monte – The Women Behind Flavilicious Cooking

When Flavilicious Cooking is released you’re going to see tons of reviews and press releases and people emailing about Flavia’s new cookbook, but what you’re not going to be seeing is information about the author, Flavia Del Monte.

Flavilicious CookingIt amazes me at how many people skip this critical piece of the puzzle. It’s great to know all about a product and what makes it unique and how it can benefit you, but in the end that isn’t the most important piece. In my opinion, the most critical piece is knowing more about the author.

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In this case it would be Flavia Del Monte. The product is nothing more then an extension of the author. It’s their knowledge and experience that creates the modules and all the different pieces which make up the course. So it’s important to know if the author is credible and has in experience in the information their teaching/sharing.

Think about it for a moment…if Flavia Del Monte didn’t have any experience or training in the field of fitness, nutrition and diet would you listen to her? I’m sure the first words out of your mouth were “no”! I think you now understand just how important it is to know about the author of a product before buying.

So with all of this being said let’s take a deeper look at who Flavia Del Monte, the author of Flavilicious Cooking is and if she’s credible.

Who Is Flavia Del Monte

Flavia Del MonteSince she was a kid Flavia was always connected to fitness. It was a daily part of her life. Sports were huge for family and herself and while most girls we’re playing with dolls Flavia was playing sports. She stayed active for most of her childhood, teen years, but after she attended college to become a nurse she started to develop a somewhat unhealthy lifestyle for the first time in ages.

As with most people who attend College life the idea of being healthy and working out seems to vanish from their minds and things such as socializing, beer and hot wings become more important. She finished school and now had a busy, full time career as a nurse and as I’m sure most of you know it’s not easy to stay in shape or healthy when you work all the time!

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Especially with the crazy hours nurses put in! Over this course of time Flavia Del Monte gained 15 pounds of fat. This was the first time she could ever remember being shocked at her weight. Most of the weight was put on around the mid-section which is normal. Flavia was only 24 at the time and years of being fit and in shape seemed like a distance memory.

Flavia’s husband kept her motivated though and after not being able to fit into most of her clothes she knew it was time for a much needed change. So Flavia Del Monte took action, joined a local gym and even when the extra step and hired a personal trainer. The truth was the weights and all the crazy looking machines confused the mess out of her so she figured a personal trainer could help her sort it all out!

She went into beast mode and within the first month of working out Flavia lost exactly 12 pounds! Her body was starting to transform and she saw muscles in her arms she didn’t even know existed. It was addictive to see such a drastic personal change and she loved it!

Although like most of us life got in the way and Flavia would go back and forth from working out, dropping weight, to gaining weight. It was a crazy little cycle of weight loss and weight gain. Flavia was still really interesting in fitness, weight loss, diets and everything else and was reading and studying everything she could get her hands on over time.

The one thing that really stood out for her and really helped change everything was when she started to learn more about nutrition. For months Flavia Del Monte would do these fab type diets everytime she needed to lose weight for some event or vacation. One of the causes of the on and off weight gain she would later learn.

So instead of going on some crazy diet Flavia started to eat healthy and transformation was happening, although not easily. Flavia still hated that she saw fat where her abs should be. She was also working out almost every day, using weights and on some occasions spending up to 2 hours a day just working on her legs.

Flavia Del Monte Met Her Husband

During this point Flavia was obsessed with nutrition, weight training and fitness in general. The more she learned the better choices she made and finally she was starting to look pretty good. It’s around this same time that Flavia Del Monte met her soon to be husband, Vince Del Monte.

Vince is a very popular, best selling fitness author in case you’re wondering if it’s the same guy. It is!

Vince and Flavia Del Monte

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Vince started to teach Flavia things she never could have learned in her books. He became her own database of fitness knowledge in many ways. Flavia started to apply everything that Vince was teaching her such as why building muscles, especially for women is important, HIT, proper nutrition and so much more.

Every week she would see amazing gains and her body transforming.

Flavia Del Monte knew fitness and nutrition were her passion so she decided to dive in and became a certified personal trainer. Eventually she was training others and helping her friends to get the bodies they always wanted. Still, even with things going well for her as a personaltrainer she felt she lacked a strong nutrition background.

Nutrition was always the thing she most enjoyed and in many ways helped the most when it came to her transformation. Eventually she figured this out, but it was a journey just like anything else in life. Flavia was making small guest appereances in Vince’s videos which led to her Facebook inbox getting flooded with questions and emails.

So many people wanted advice! Even though Flavia Del Monte is a Registered Nurse which gave her a good base of knowledge in terms of how food works in the body, the role of calories, nutrition and etc the information was more geared toward sick children because she was a pediatric nurse. So it was a completely background and not the one she needed.

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The Day Everything Made Sense For Flavia

Flavia was looking to obtain a second degree in nutrition at this time and this is when her Husband Vince told her about a course by Dr. John Berardi and Ryan Andrews from Percision Nutrition. In case you don’t know who is Dr. Berardi is he’s a leader in sports nutrition and has a Doctorate in both Nutrient Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology. He’s literally one of the top experts in the world when it comes to nutrition.

This course which is called The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition Certification Manual is a beast and it’s a Masters level nutrition course. It’s meant only for highly elite training professionals. This certification course is very through and it’s part of a High-Performance Physiology Masters Degree program at EMU.

It’s the real deal and it’s exactly what Flavia needed! It’s provides all the same material and knowledge that Dr. Berardi’s Masters student learn.

This course changed everything for Flavia Del Monte! The information and knowledge she learned gave her an entire different outlook on fitness, health and especially nutrition. Some years have passed now and Flavia has made it her life mission to help other women fall in love with their bodies again.

Flavia Del Monte Can Help You Fall In Love With Your Bodies Again

Flavia Del Monte Flavilicious CookingIt’s not about using some quick fad diets or fast diet hacks, but understanding and applying solid, core nutrition and fitness principals to your life.

You have to be serious and you have to want to change, but if you’re willing Flavia Del Monte can help you. She started a blog a few years ago which is one of the top female fitness blogs.

Click Here To Visit The Official Flavilicious Cooking Website

She offers tons of free information, nutrition tips and much more. Flavia Del Monte has also become a best selling author with the release of two great online fitness programs for women, Full Body Licious and Curvelicious.

Recently Flavia Del Monte gave birth to her daughter and like most women she gained a few pounds, but within months she lose it all…thanks to the help of her upcoming cookbook, Flavilicious Cooking!

Well now you know Flavia Del Monte’s story and I’m sure she tells it better then me, but I felt it’s important that you know about her background and if she is credible. In my opinion there is no doubt she is credible and has the knowledge and experience to help you become the best YOU possible.

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