Flavilicious Cooking Reveals 5 Cookbook Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

Flavia Del Monte, the author and creator of the new cookbook Flavilicious Cooking has released another article today where she reveals 5 cookbook mistakes that cause weight gain! Flavia also released another article yesterday which I highly recommend you check out if you haven’t had a chance titled 7 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition.

I have a couple of different cookbooks I have always referred to when I need something delicious and healthy to cook up, but after reading this latest article I’m going to throw them away because most major cookbooks, especially the ones claiming they are healthy and have ‘fat loss’ recipes are actually hurting your ability to drop those unwanted pounds?

Skinnylicious Cooking Cookbook

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Seems crazy right? The idea that a ‘healthy’ cookbook can actually be hurting your weight loss goals.

As someone who is passionate about healthy cooking and striving to stay lean and mean all year I’m now questioning these cookbooks because of this new article from Flavia. The problem is that most of these cookbooks aren’t based on the latest science.

General cooking guidelines are completely outdated  and have hardly changed, despite nutritional science advancing greatly the past few decades. You can check out this new article from Flavilicious Cooking author, Flavia Del Monte here:

These 5 Cookbook Mistakes Make You Fat

I’m not saying every cookbook is wrong or trying to cause you to stall or even gain weight. It’s just a good majority of them don’t take the time to do the proper research and really dive into the science of nutrition. When making recipes and planning them out you have to take a lot into consideration..

So take 5 quick minutes out of the day, read this article and as always decide for yourself because you deserve to know the truth about what you’re putting into your body every day. In addition, if you are looking for a cookbook featuring over 150 healthy, delicious recipes which are 100 percent gluten, soy, wheat and sugar free then check out Flavilicious Cooking. It’s literally over 370 pages.

I got to run, but check back here daily for more information and more free content. Flavia is going to be releasing another great article in the next day or so.