Flavilicious Cooking Equals Delicious, Healthy Recipes

Flavilicious Cooking, the brand new cookbook by Flavia Del Monte featuring over 150 mouth-watering, delicious, recipes is officially being released tonight! I’ve already heard a few of people call it the Porsche of cookbooks. Especially if you’re into clean, healthy eating!

It’s one of the few cookbooks out there to offer recipes that are allergy friendly, gluten, sugar, soy and wheat free. Most of them are perfect for people who are into the Paleo lifestyle as well and a lot of them are diary free too! I reviewed the cookbook a few days ago and it’s a beautiful cookbook!

The pictures are amazing and colorful, the instructions are simple and easy to follow and Flavia goes the extra step with cooking tips, how to prep the kitchen and more. Now to help kick off the official launch of her cookbook I’m going to be releasing a new recipe EVERY single day of her launch.

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Flavilicious Cooking

So every single day all you have to do is come to this website and find a new delicious, healthy recipe. Most of them should be published before midnight. Yes, I have permission from Flavia to post her recipes. Obviously I’m not going to post all of them, but Flavia wants you to get some of the recipes and give them a try! Cook one of the recipes and see how amazing the food taste!

Some of the recipes I’ll be posting will be from Breakfast. Some of them will be from desserts, salad dressings, dinner and etc. My wife has already made a few of the recipes and I must say it’s pretty nice to be the taste tester around here lol. I’ve already posted a few recipes from Flavilicious Cooking which you can find HERE.

The next recipe I’m going to post will be in a few hours and I’ll be sharing one of my personal favorites from Flavia Del Monte’s cookbook. You can click here to learn how to make the Flavilicious Cooking Spicy Garlic Shrimp recipe

Flavilicious Cooking Recipe

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It’s a delicious recipe and soooooo simple to make. All of the recipes are actually pretty easy. So stay tuned for that upcoming recipe in just a few hours.

If you haven’t already read the full and detailed Flavilicious Cooking review check it out and see for yourself if this cookbook is something you would be interested in. I got to run, but don’t forget to come back everyday to get a new, free, delicious recipe from Flavilicious Cooking.