Flavilicious Cooking From Flavia Del Monte Is Coming Soon

In just a few weeks female fitness expert Flavia Del Monte is going to be releasing her brand new cookbook, Flavilicious Cooking to the world!

Flavia Del Monte is a well known fitness personality and author of the best selling female fitness programs, Full Body Licious & Curvalicious. Both of these workout programs we’re well received, but Flavilicious Cooking is her first venture into the world of cookbooks.

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Flavilicious Cooking Has Been Revealed

Her new cookbook will feature over 150 delicious fat burning recipes that are allergy friendly and  that will not only help you get super healthy, but also help make you HOT and Healthy which is great combination! The foods found in her new cookbook are the exact recipes and foods that Flavia Del Monte eats, day-to-day, that helped her shed 50 pounds of fat after her recent pregnancy.

In addition to all the amazing recipes Flavia will also be sharing essential cooking skills and techniques that helped her go from a bad cook to a great cook! All the recipes are 100% soy, gluten, sugar and wheat free. Most of them are also diary free and a good potion of them are paleo friendly as well!

The foods are great tasting and will leave you full and stastified, which as some of you know isn’t easy especially after losing a lot of weight. Her new cookbook is set to be released near the end of Oct and I’m sure you can expect a full blown launch, a great sale and lots of cool bonuses

Flavilicious Cooking Cookbook

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It’s nice to see more people focusing on the nutrition side of things too because working out and exercise can only take you so far. If you want to maintain a great looking and healthy body it’s critical that the right type of foods are getting put into it.

I just found out about Flavilicious Cooking so as updates are released and more details about the product I’ll make sure to updat this website.

Why Did I Create This Website About Flavilicious Cooking

Flavilicious Cooking cupcakesSo who am I you ask? My name is Josh and I review online fitness programs for a living. I got into this a few years ago when I was working to get into shape and I decided to invest in a few different online fitness programs so I could workout from home. Sadly the ones I bought were a complete waste of money, except for two of them.

The funny thing about it was that the horrible programs seemed to get the most attention and the high quality ones got left on the sideline.

So I decided to help helps by making sure credible, high quality, value filled products get the attention they deserve. My wife has used Flavia’s products and seen some really great results and many of my friends in this business speak very highly of her.

The other reason I created this website was because I wanted you to be informed and have a resource website for Flavilicious Cooking which had all the news, information and updates you needed. This way you wouldn’t have to visit countless number of websites just to determine if this product is a good fit for you and not!

By having one website with all the latest information about Flavia Del Monte’s new cookbook you’ll able to save time and determine if it’s a match for you and keep that in mine, just because a new fitness or workout program comes out doesn’t mean it’s for you!

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Everyone has different goals and needs when it comes to their personal fitness routine. So some products will align with your goals and some won’t. The goal with this website is to simply provide you information so you can make a smart, informed decision.

In addition to news and updates about the product I’ll also be cool articles, videos, content and a detailed Flavilicious Cooking review once it’s ready. The review will cover everything you need to know such as what the program is about, what it comes with, the pros, the cons and much more.

This site is still being built so bookmark it and check back often for the latest information related to Flavia Del Monte’s Flavilicious Cooking!